Tuesday, May 8, 2018

What Is Needed In The Hunt?

Recreational Hunting is a fun and healthy sport that lets you enjoy the beauty of nature and helps you bring food for the family. Hunting has many positive benefits, physically, socially and mentally and hones skills that can be used in day to day life.

Hunting is a physically demanding activity that requires a lot of planning before heading outdoors. Hunting usually takes place in hard to reach and remote areas and planning ahead is not only important for success but crucial for survival. 

The rifle is an important companion when hunting outdoors. It is your last line of defense against wild animals such as bears and wolves and is your tool in harvesting game. Having the right rifle can be the difference between a successful hunt or a frustrating day. The .300 Win Mag is the perfect rifle for hunting and good for shooting of 94 percent of all game. The .300 Win. Mag. Is an extremely reliable and versatile long-range cartridge rifle for the remote outdoors. The rifle can shoot heavier ammunition that can take down large game such as elks and moose. The .300 Win. Mag. can also be used defensive capable of taking down large bears from a safe distance.

Hunting from a distance is not only safe for the hunter but also provides a good vantage point to access the situation so a useful attachment to the .300 WIn. Mag, or any other hunting rifle is a scope. The scope not only let's shoot from a far away distance it also helps accuracy.

The best scope for the Win. Mag. 300 is the Crossfire II 4 – 12x50mm AO Riflescope. The scope helps aid the hunter’s vision and overall assessment of the situation from a safe distance and is important for a safe and successful hunt.  The 4- 12x50mm scope has an adjustable objective that has parallax correction and improves image focus that is good for long range hunting.

The Crossfire II 4 – 12x50mm AO Riflescope is also good for silently stalking prey on a static position with its wide eye box minimizing eye strain. The fast focus eyepiece helps the hunter focus on the reticle easily. The scope also has a Dead-Hold BDC reticle that is good for long range hunting, The bullet drop compensators help the shooter estimate the range and improve the accuracy of the rifle.

The Crossfire II scope is also built for the outdoors with its single piece tube construction. The scope is made from high-grade materials that ensure durability and survivability while on the hunt.  The scope is also O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged making it waterproof and fog proof.

The outdoors is seldom forgiving to the unprepared and having an equipment malfunction while on the outdoors could prove lethal so having the best equipment could be the difference between a fun weekend to a life or death ordeal. The Win. Mag. 300 is the best rifle for hunting and pair it with the best scope, the Crossfire II 4 – 12x50mm AO Riflescope is planning for success.

Steps to Planning a Backpacking Trip

Breaks are always perfect for an outdoor experience in season. For the lovers of nature, nothing becomes more important than planning for the perfect adventure. While planning a backpacking trip can be challenging, here are a few tips to help you through the vital stages.

Have a keen eye for travel logistics

What exactly are you looking forward to on your backpacking trip? Is it camping or are you simply going for a hike and pitching at an undefined location? Prepare a suitable budget keeping in mind the cost of apparel, camping equipment, itinerary and travel costs. Depending on your location and destination, you can select your travel partner from a wide range of tour and travel agencies.

What it means to settle on the ideal destination 

There is so much to explore with the vast destinations across the world. Below are noteworthy hacks to consider when choosing a location.
Type of adventure; is it hiking, pitching or camping?
Season; do you prefer the cold seasons or the hot seasons? Any day with nature is always perfect. The season will also determine the type of clothing, food and camping equipment to use.
Navigation; maps, routes, and GPS are a necessity when visiting a new place. Always have your personal tracker on so as to be able to send a signal when in distress or lost. Most of all, stay calm and have a plan while awaiting help.
Safety: You are always your own security wherever you go. Therefore, take precautions when visiting a place for the first time. Do not ask questions that give you away or label you as a foreigner or new. Always contact your tour and travel partner when in need help.

Backpacking Tips

Among other necessities, a tent vital when planning for an outdoor adventure. With many products on the market, it may be difficult on how to land on the best backpacking tent. Consequently, consider factors such as;
Comfort; the tent should be able to give you maximum rest at the end of an active and adventurous day.
Weight; on average, a backpacking tent weighs about 2.5 pounds. Backpacking trips are more fun and enjoyable when you are light. Therefore, ensure the weight of your backpack is kept to the minimum because the tent will be one of the heaviest things that you carry.
Capacity; get a tent that suits you. There is everything from 1-person, 2-person, 3-person and 4-person tents. The best backpacking tent has enough room for the gear storage as well.
Warranty and return policy; when buying online, the best backpacking tent such as MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 has a lifetime warranty.

Three-Season or Four-Season Tents?

The type of tent chosen determines the seasons during which you can go pitch or camp.

Three-Season tents; they are double-walled and suitable for most climates.

Four-season tents; they are suitable for use all year round, ideal for winter and the cold seasons, and available in both single and double walls. The design and interior should be based on capacity and comfort. The best tents have double doors and vestibules. This makes movement convenient and undisturbed for shared tents.